I consider this to be one of the most interesting assignments I have ever been asked to do. The story is about a former undercover officer who infiltrated several Neo-Nazi groups and how it basically destroyed his life. Not only did he lose his family because of it, but now that he’s retired, he’s hiding out from the bad guys. Given the sensitivity of the situation, the editors wanted Bob’s face partially in shadow. The gentleman I photographed had no problem having his full name disclosed, but I rather not have this blog post come up under a Google search of his name, so I refer to him as just Bob. As an immigrant myself, I wanted to make sure I did my best for this story. This is what I came up with…“In Bob’s 14 year career in intelligence, he spent 7 years in central Florida undercover helping to expose the criminal activities of the Outlaws motorcycle club and the Aryan Nation group. He retired in March of 2010, but he had to maintain his undercover identity for two more years in order to not jeopardize other agents still in the field. Over 25 arrests were made in two waves starting in March 2012 due in large part to his work.”
“His work caused the divorce to his last wife of over 5 years in December 2008. Bob said she though it was cool at first, but then reality sank in. And it wasn’t. “I was her good guy in a black hat, but the work changed me and put pressure on her that she didn’t like.” He said he is concerned for the possibility of the bad guys coming after him, but he takes many precautions to protect himself. The only way his lifestyle has been limited is that he can’t go listen to the type of live music he likes locally, because that’s where the bad guys like to hang out.”
“He has a PhD in cultural anthropology, which he sites as the reason he was originally recruited to do intelligence work. Now that he is retired, he gets satisfaction from being a personal trainer of nursing home patients and writing a non-fiction book. Bob kept most of the memorabilia he used while he was undercover to use as teaching aids while giving presentations to police agencies and other professional organizations. “You have to keep a calm mind at all times in order to do this work,” he said. “Over reacting or under reacting will get you killed.” He said the national director of Aryan Nation made him the custom ring, second from left, when he tried to make Bob the deputy director of the group.”
“The book he is writing is titled “Primitive Affliction” which chronicles his experience doing undercover work in Osceola and Orange counties. His self-imposed deadline for finishing the copy is the end of August, and he is hoping to have the book published by the end of the year. Bob keeps mug shoots of the people his work helped put behind bars in order to jog his memory while he writes.”
“He said the main inspiration to go into intelligence work was his father, who served in the Navy as a cryptographer during WW2 and the Korean War.”

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