BMX racing may be the most diverse sport in America. I can think of no other sport that attracts this broad a participant pool. Three feet tall boys and girls, teenagers, middle aged folk, moms, dads, and even the over 50 year old crowd all have popular divisions to race in. I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. I mean, one of the first great thrills most of us experience is learning how to ride a bicycle, and many of us continue to ride throughout our lives. After noticing the diversity of the competitors the first day, I just had to try to do a portrait essay the second day. This was a fun day full of surprises and happy colorful characters.

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Eric Dean, Disney BMX Fall Nationals
The setup minus the 8′ parabolic reflector behind the camera…

  1. Estoy interesado en participar en la DISNEY CUP junto co mi hija de 9 años, somos de colombia y quiero tener mas informacion sobre el evento.

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