Tucked neatly inside the Kissimmee Warbirds Museum lies a one-of-a-kind highly modified WW2 era P51D mustang named Precious Metal. Over the past four years its owners and a small group of volunteers have reengineered just about every piece of this airplane with only one purpose in mind, to win the Unlimited Class of the Reno Air Races. Every year the team has more radically modified the aircraft and been more competitive at Reno.

Here are a few facts and figures to give you an idea of how badass this engineering marvel is. Precious Metal is powered by a 12 cylinder 37 liter Rolls Royce Griffon engine that is supercharged and connected to a custom made counter rotating prop assembly. Fully tuned and in race conditions it is capable of 90 inHg of boost, over 500 mph and at a cost of $5K worth of 160 octane gas per hour! Let that soak in for a second! This is by far the fastest sport in all of motorsports…

Lucky for me, the Kissimmee Warbirds Museum is located just a few miles from my house, and after being introduced to the team by a mutual friend, I was welcomed in with open arms. Documenting the team’s progress turned into a personal project for me. Next will be my coverage of the 2014 Reno Air Races.

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  1. Love you photo’s of the P51D Mustang! I am a photographer and my husband has his private pilots license. We own a Cessna 210, just love to attend airshows. Our youngest son Graduated from a Aviation High school in Grand Rapids,MI
    I love to photograph aircraft! I really like the lighting on the aircraft. Wondering what type of lights you used, speed lights or strobes? Did you make a behind the scenes video of your lighting set up?
    Did you photograph at the Sun n Fun airshow? We have been to that airshow once but usually attend the Air Venter in Oshkosh, WI. That is the worlds largest airshow.

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