This year was my most memorable year behind the camera as of yet. I met so many great people, saw amazing places and rejuvenated my passion for visual storytelling. Here are some of my favorite images I made this year, and since no one is a good editor of their own work, there are 101 of them. Here’s to a healthy, fun, and successful 2012 packed full of adventures!

  1. Enjoyed! What a great year – so happy to have spent time with you in Asia! Good luck in 2012!

  2. Phenomenal work Octavian. Truly.

  3. BRILLIANT! <3

  4. Thank you for sharing the world with your fans. The photos are unbelievable.

  5. Thank you! A big part of making pictures is sharing them… :)

  6. Your photos are beyond good. You should do a travel book.

    • Thanks Richard! A book is in the works :)

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