I started my vacation away from my vacation in Chiang Mai, where Erica Dunn and I went zip lining at a 32 platform spot. The longest line was 400 meters. Next year they’ll have an 800 meter line! Next, we explored Mae Sariang, while staying at Rustic’s Hilltribe Orphanage house. We celebrated a fellow staffer’s birthday, (Happy Birthday Bowjo) and just relaxed in picturesque northern Thailand. Last but sure as heck not least, we went to Pai, a colorful and wild town, where we went to a hot spring and hiked around a canyon among other things. I’m flying to Phuket on Saturday 8/27 to explore Thai beaches before I wear out my welcome on September 2, aka my tourist visa expires.

  1. Awesome pictures Octavian!!! I especially love the one of the woman’s face through the loom.

  2. rainbow picture = LOVE

    hee hee “phuket” (is that pronounced how I think it’s pronounced or am I just a 12 year old?) lol.

    So jealous of the zip-lining adventure. How fun.

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